Josh’s birthday present

April 2014 has been a momentous month for our family and our lives will never be the same because of it.

It kicked off with my having the long awaited surgery on my left arm. I won’t bore you with details here, I’ve already posted about it once and I’ll update again further along in my recovery. Thanks to the surgery I’m unable to work which means for the first time ever I’m a full time Dad. Granted, I can’t do much because of my arm, but I’m home 24/7 which takes a lot of getting used to.

In between taking care of the boys and resting my arm we’ve been frantically preparing for little Andrew’s birth. Theres a lot to do to get ready for having a baby in the house again. Thanks to the combination of baby chaos that had taken over our home, my bum arm, and my wife Kat being very pregnant, Josh’s 3rd birthday had to take a back seat. We decided to hold off celebrating it until after his Grandma Suzy arrives in a few weeks. Thankfully, he didn’t seem to mind.

I asked Josh what he wanted for his birthday, he told me: “I want a pirate hat for Andrew so we can play pirates. Andrew needs a pirate hat because he’s in Mommy’s belly and he doesn’t have a hat in Mommy’s belly”.

So Josh’s birthday wish was to play with his new baby brother Andrew. Well, I guess Andrew took him seriously because Kat went into labor on Josh’s birthday (15 days before her scheduled due date).

Several hours later we were blessed with our third beautiful baby boy. Andrew James Husted was born on Josh’s 3rd birthday at 4:44 pm on 4/24/14.

They didn’t get to play pirates, Andrew mostly slept and ate, but Josh was still thrilled to have gotten a little brother for his birthday present this year.

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