Never let a two year old count your push ups

It’s that magical time of year when people start talking about “New Year’s Resolutions” and all the awesome things that they are going to accomplish in the year ahead. Lose weight, write a book, drink less, smoke less, earn more money, fall in love, etc. etc. the list of resolutions goes on and on.

I have a few things I need to work on myself, but I’m not going to call any of these “New Year’s Resolutions”. It’s been my experience that “resolutions” simply just don’t work. Sure, if I could stick with it, that would help, but let’s be honest here, I have little to no willpower. Whenever I’ve tried to make a radical change, it doesn’t stick and I end up falling back into my old bad habits. So this year instead, I’m taking baby steps, making small changes and hopefully bit by bit, it’ll snowball into something good.

So what’s my “not-resolution”?

Lose weight… no scratch that. Granted, I do need to lose weight (A LOT of weight), but that’s a bit too specific and daunting. Let’s just say “Be healthier”, yeah, that’s a much better goal. I’m going to try and lay off the garbage I eat, be a tad more active, and get some decent sleep at night. I know, not too ambitious, but remember, “Baby steps”.

Josh's view of his Daddy.

Josh stole the camera and took this lovely photo of his Daddy’s belly… ugh.

Right now I’m about fifty pounds overweight and have high blood pressure. I already have a hard time keeping up with our two boys, but concept of being this out of shape and chasing after three of them kind of scares the hell outta me. I did the math and figured out that when little Andrew James (due May 9th) graduates from High School, I’ll be 62 so I’d best get to work losing this spare tire and getting rid of my man-boobs. Besides that, I also want to be a good example to my little guys. How can I expect them to be healthy and active if their Dad is a couch potato?

Zack demonstrates proper weight lifting technique.

Zack demonstrates proper weight lifting technique.

So far so good, nine days into 2014 and I haven’t blown it yet. I’ve decided that for now I’ll exercise every other day so that I don’t burn myself out. Both boys are having a great time “helping” by counting for me as I go through my very modest exercise routine. It makes it challenging to keep track of things when you hear a little voice happily calling out “1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 16, 12, 3, 4, 5!”

Josh copies me as I do stretches and "helps" by counting reps for me.

Josh copies me as I do stretches and then “helps” by counting reps for me.

Despite my kids’ pitiful math skills, I’m hopeful that their encouragement will help me stick with this. At the very least it’ll be entertaining having the kids practice doing the various exercises with me as I go. I have to admit it is pretty freaking adorable to see a two year old doing lunges.

The little guy has to show me how it's done too.

The little guy has to show me how it’s done too.

I’m also hoping that by putting this out there, I’m now accountable to follow through with it. Since I’ve announced to the world that I’m trying to be more active and get in shape, it’ll make it harder for me to sit on my butt and pig out on junk food. So keep your fingers crossed that I’ll muster the willpower to make some changes, be more active for my kids, and that the two of them will figure out how to count all the way to twenty without skipping any numbers.