Always check for cars

I might be a novice to this whole “Dad” thing, but in my four years as a father I’ve picked up on a few things I thought I could pass on to help (or amuse) the other parents or potential parents out there.

Always check for cars.

Always check for cars.

Just like in an old Western, never get dressed without first checking your boots for snakes and scorpions. It’s a painful lesson, but after the first couple times I jammed my feet into a shoe filled with toy cars I’ve learned to stop and scope out the situation instead of just blindly throwing on my shoes.

My boys don’t limit themselves to cars either. All manner of objects have been crammed into my footwear. Just like in the ad for the U.S. Post Office: “If it fits, it ships”, my sons have taken it upon themselves to discover what objects around the house can be hidden inside their father’s shoes. Blocks, rocks, pine cones, half eaten apples, maracas, and of course Legos have all been discovered.

On instance I believe my two year old was attempting the Turduckin of shoe sabotage. I found a tennis shoe inside my boot, inside that was a toddler shoe, and inside of that he had stashed one of his sandals.

So my tip for this week is always making sure to check your shoes before putting them on. Remember, don’t just look, shake them too. You’ll thank me when that random toy falls out and you can go tackle your day with happily un-impaled feet.

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