What the heck is a “Dadism”?

When I set up this blog I had little idea what I was doing (and still don’t), but I did already have a name for it “Random Dadisms”. So where does this term come from you might ask, or you may not. Regardless, I’m going to explain it anyways.

Whenever I find myself saying something ridiculously bizarre to the children, the sort of sentence I never in a million years imagined would come out of my mouth; I refer to it as a “Dadism”. Beginning about a year ago whenever I uttered this nonsense I started writing them down in the notebook app on my iPhone. The file is named “Random Dadisms” and hence, so is my blog and nifty new Twitter feed where I started posting them.

*Warning*… That’s the short version. Question answered, Dadism = incoherent Dad rambling. A further, long drawn out nonsensical explanation now continues. Proceed at your own risk!

Still there? Well alright, don’t say I didn’t warn ya…

Of course I didn’t just come up with “Dadism” on my own, I’m not going to try and pretend that this was my original thought or anything. It’s a term that was handed down to me by my own father, and I’m sure he heard it somewhere else too. Although in his case, what he referred to as “Dadisms” were just examples of his corny sense of humor disguised as advice. A few of his favorite gems were:

“Keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a fool, or open it up and prove it.”

“The definition of ‘Expert’: an ‘Ex’ is a has-been, and a ‘Spurt’ is a drip under pressure.”

“If at first you don’t succeed, practice sucking seeds.”

“Necessity is the mother of contraption.”

You can see now how I came to know the term “Dadisms” as pretty much any insane thing that is said by a father.

A bit of background on the man my Dad, Warren Husted, was:

My father was from an older generation. Born in 1920 he was an army veteran who served his country during World War II, fell in love with a nurse, married her, raised two sons, and then when he was almost fifty he started a whole new life. He remarried, this time to a woman with four children of her own, had a “surprise” baby (me), became a civilian, and traveled the world.

The reason for this tangent about my Dad (but can it really be a tangent if I never developed a cogent thought to begin with?), is to show a bit of my inspiration for being a Dad. Or I guess I should say more accurately, my inspiration for the kind of Dad I want to be.

Four generations of Husted men.

Four generations of Husted men.

My Dad tackled fatherhood all over again late in life. In this picture the goofy looking kid on the left is me in my Dad’s lap, my grandpa Husted is in the middle and the man on the right is actually my big brother Dick. The little boy in his arms is my nephew Chris, just a few months younger than me.

While I recognize that Dad may have had his faults, he could be a bit of a dork sometimes, and great many of the things he “fixed” never worked quite right again, he will always be an example of the man I strive to be. To my little kid eyes he was a Super-Hero. He always took time to encourage me when I needed it, to help me wholeheartedly however he could, and offer up a cheesy joke whether I wanted it or not. I honestly can’t remember a time that Dad wasn’t in my corner. Granted, there were a few times when he was even a little too enthusiastic in encouraging my participation in some activities (The subject of future blogs I’m sure), but never a time when he wasn’t there to help.

Dad and Me

Among my fondest memories of my father will be his laughter and yes, that cornball sense of humor. Its funny how at the time, listening to his bad puns and his “Dadisms” used to drive me bonkers, but now those are some of the things I miss most. Dad passed away four years ago today and there isn’t a day that goes by since then that I can’t imagine his distinctive “chortle” and wish that he was here to see his grandsons grow up or to give me advice on how to be a better Dad. Zack was seven weeks old when Dad passed, so I’m thankful that he did get to see me as a father for a at least a little while.

Dad and Zack

Warren & Mary Husted with baby Zachary (1 day old)

I know that, like my father before me, I can be a bit of a dork at times (or in my case, a lot of a dork most of the time) and I might not always get it right. But I’ll do my best, and hopefully I can live up to the example that my father set for me. There are a lot of things that I never planned on as a Dad (like you can “plan” much of parenting to begin with), but I kind of enjoy the fact that I catch myself over and over spouting the same kinds of wacky things my father did before me. Sure they may not be his well-rehearsed corny jokes, but I think he’d appreciate the humor in my own brand of “Dadisms”.

So did any of my ramblings actually define the term “Random Dadisms”? Well, maybe not, but it did tell you a tiny bit about the incredible man I’m glad I got to call “Dad”. As for the whole “Dadism” definition thing, just scroll back up to paragraphs #2 & #3 in this post. Hey I did warn you about the whole meandering thing didn’t I? Oops, sorry… I’ll try to do better next time.