Who flipped the switch?

It’s amazing how quickly a little guy will bounce back from feeling bad, the parents… not so much.

Yesterday afternoon Zack came down with a bad cold. The poor little guy was pretty miserable. Sniffling, sneezing, buckets of snot, the usual. When I got home from work I could hear him coughing in his room, unable to breath due to the face full of boogers.

Last night quickly turned into one of “those nights”. You know the kind, up and down over and over, running in to check on a munchkin time and again. Ultimately we ended up dragging him into our room to sleep in our bed with us, hopeful that at least one of us would get some sleep.

Our plan was a disaster and Z didn’t do much better. He still woke several times from being stuffed up, but at least we were literally an arm’s reach away to help him.

Cut to this morning, Kat has staggered sleepily off to work and, thanks to an extra-large iced mocha, I’m barely functioning. I called Zack’s school bus driver and preschool teacher to let them know that he’d be absent today because he doesn’t feel good and didn’t get much sleep.

I swear as soon as I set down the phone the laughing started. Josh and Zack began playing and having a spirited debate over whether their Transformer Bumblebee toy was a “Robot-Car” or a “Car-Robot”. Since then it’s like someone waved a green flag and the two of them are off to the races.

Zack and Josh take a break from running around like crazy people to take a few pictures.

Zack and Josh take a break from running around like crazy people to take a few pictures.

In the last hour they’ve done laps around the inside of the house, stopped for “toddler photography”, played dress-up, petted the cat, ate breakfast, played in their trampoline, got dressed, spread legos all over our living room floor, picked the legos back up (under threat of death from me), and are now back in the trampoline wrestling.

Kids bounce back, much better than Dads in their forties do. Zack is probably going to be a little out of sorts today, but nothing that an extra-long nap, a few well-placed nose wipes, and some extra cuddles won’t fix. Kat and I will be lucky if the two of us have recovered from Zack’s being sick by tomorrow or maybe this weekend.