The Brainwashing is Working!

I’m a nerd, I’ll admit it. Playing the odds, with three boys there is a pretty good chance that at least one of my kids will follow in his old man’s comic book collecting, sci-fi watching, and D&D playing nerdly ways… but I’m not taking any chances.

Even though they are still too young to be exposed to most of the pop culture staples that I hold near and dear to my heart, that doesn’t mean I’m not trying my darnedest to sneak it in whenever I can.

They may be totally unaware of my influence, but from Zack’s Avenger’s underpants to Josh’s Star Wars ABC book, their Dad’s dorkiness is starting to take hold in their malleable little brains.

For those of you not paying attention, Josh was reading his Star Wars ABC book to his big brother (or as he likes to call it, his “Robot Book”), pointing out who he thinks looks like a robot, and he was able to identify Darth Vader despite never having seen a minute of a Star Wars movie.

Golly I’m so proud of my budding little nerds in the making.

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5 thoughts on “The Brainwashing is Working!

    • It’s not totally evil. It’s only natural that the boys are influenced by the same things I’m into, it’s what’s in their environment. They are also both obsessed with motorcycles and doing arts & crafts, so that’s good right?

      • he he… I’m a little mortified my kids will be into sports. I was always such a horrible athlete. With soon to be three active boys it’s inevitable, I think I’ll have a lot to learn in whatever sport catches their interest.

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