Parents’ Night Out.

My wife and I got married the day after Christmas five years ago, so this year our anniversary gift to one another was a “Date Day”. It would be just the two of us together for an entire day.

After the typical morning of boys running around like crazed munchkins, either demanding more and more breakfast food or trying to feed waffles to a stuffed Mickey Mouse toy, the nanny arrived and we managed to escape… er, leave.

It’s a peculiar feeling to spend so much time watching over two rambunctious little boys and then suddenly leave home without them. On our way to the theater I instinctively kept looking in mirror to check on the boys only to see their empty car seats and had a nagging feeling like we were leaving something behind.

Oddly enough, on our first venture out in forever without the kids what do we go see? A kids’ movie! Kat and I are overgrown children anyway, so even though the boys weren’t there, Disney’s latest cartoon “Frozen” was at the top of our “must see” list (excellent movie, by the way).

Even on a “Date Day”, as much as we may try, it’s impossible for us to forget about the kids. After the movies I couldn’t help buying a couple of onesies for Andrew at the mall. It may be five months before he is born but “Hide your daughters” and “The Ladies ❤  me” seemed appropriate. At lunch, after we sat down, it was second nature for us to start strategically sliding the sugar packets and table displays down to one side of the table out of a little one’s reach, and we had to remind ourselves that we didn’t need to keep guarding our food and drinks because no little people would be trying to stick their fingers in them.

So in the end, Kat and I had a wonderful time. The kids behaved for the nanny and we returned to a not-burned-down home. It was nice that the two of us could be a couple again for a little while, and remind ourselves of why we fell in love in the first place. We really need to do this more often.

After our little break from parenthood for a day, I’m really looking forward to playing with the little guys when they get up in the morning. I can never guess what sort of wacky things they’ll come up with next and every day is an adventure.


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